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Who stands with us?

Others in support of classical Christian education nationally.

Dr. Louis Markos

Enjoy the scholarship and humor of Dr. Markos live this year from the ACCS conference. Markos is the Robert H. Ray Chair in Humanities and Professor of English at Houston Baptist University …

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Dr. Gregory Thornbury

President of The King’s College, son of a Baptist minister, and educated under the supervision of Al Mohler, Dr. Thornbury is an author and contributor …

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John Piper

“All things not only belong to Christ, but all things display Christ. Human beings exist to magnify his worth in the world. Our worth consists of …”

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Our goal is for every parent to have access to a classical Christian school. See if there is one near you.

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The trivium. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Time-tested. Tradition
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A life well-lived.