Author: Molly Blakeman

Why I Chose a Classical Christian School After 15 Years Working in Public and Charter Schools

Alex Macdonald began his journey into education teaching in a grammar school in New York. He spent years working with charter schools, pioneering efforts with technology and education, and also worked with an educational service provider, assisting charter schools around the nation. He worked for a season at the Department of Education overseeing various reform issues and advocating for school choice, all the while working on a PhD in Education and Public Policy… and then he had to choose a school for his own children. His unique vantage point meant he has an extensive perspective and understanding of the...

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We Don’t Need No SAT Test! There’s a Better Way to Test for College Entrance

For decades the SAT has served as THE doorway that all students have to successfully pass through if they have any hopes of being accepted by reputable colleges. But today the test has been dramatically changed to the point that it is generally not demonstrating the true academic ability of students, especially those in classical Christian schools. Given the ‘dumbing down’ of the test, many students are now getting the highest scores possible and colleges are quickly finding the SAT to be less of an indicator of ability. Enter Jeremy Tate, a former college admissions, test prep consultant and...

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1 Million Dead in 100 Days – Education as a Killing Machine

For 100 days in 1994 more than one million Rwandans were killed in a genocide by their own neighbors. How could such a horrific killing come about? Patrick Twagirayesu survived in a refugee camp and returned to bury the dead in his home country as he preached the gospel. Patrick knew that it was the government schools that had played a key role in shaping the attitudes of children to despise their fellow neighbors who were of a different tribe. Fast forward to 2017 where Patrick has planted more than 25 churches and is considered one of the most...

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Star Wars Does Battle Against the Me Generation

It is all about ME! Discover the greatest you! Just Do It! Be true to yourself! Countless slogans define our culture and whisper to our children…yet we are called to give up ourselves, take up our cross and follow after Jesus. Our guest and national speaker and author Sean McDowell provides insight into how to help the next generation love what is true, good, and beautiful more than oneself. And who would guess that the Star Wars stories are a creative springboard to have those conversations with young people about why living for something bigger than yourself is the...

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Why Future Engineers Desperately Need a Liberal Arts Education

There is a lot of fear today that children are not getting enough science and technology training, especially in a K-12 classical Christian school. The race for technical skill training is in many ways undercutting the type of education that is really needed to be a success in the scientific and engineering industries. As the demand for more K-12 STEM education continues culturally, it is time to ask: is this really the best way to prepare tomorrow’s scientists, computer programmers and engineers? My guest today is a founder and president of a top engineering firm and he has some words...

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Helping Teens Find Purpose in an Age of Anxiety and Depression

What is the one core life ingredient that every person must have? Without it teenagers can become susceptible to depression, anxiety and even suicide. But with it, a person is more likely to live in confidence, despite the challenges around him or her. And in particular, how does a school environment add to or take away from this ingredient? What is it? Purpose – and the reason why may surprise you. Tom Velasco teaches 12th grade Humanities as well as Summa Civitas and 8th grade Logic. He holds a B.A. in History and Philosophy, and a minor in Latin....

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What Our Kids Love Most

Parenting at it’s most basic level is guiding the next generation to love what God loves. Pastor John Piper has built his ministry around the transformative idea that God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him. Scott Anderson, CEO of Piper’s Desiring God Ministries, inspires parents in the practical ways to desire God and make one’s greatest love, ambition and satisfaction be in Jesus – not easy to do in a world that is constantly offering alternatives. We are joined in the studio by David Goodwin, president of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools, a...

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The Scary Trend Skyrocketing In Today’s Teens

Keith McCurdy has counseled more than 75,000 people in the last 25 years. From his unique perspective he sees a mysterious trend… while the quality of life and opportunities are improving for most first world Americans and their kids, anxiety and depression rates are spiking. It seems counter intuitive. Shouldn’t everyone be more happy? Keith gives practical advice on what parents can and should do in light of his findings…. Stay tuned … Keith McCurdy has worked with families, children, parents and individuals for more than 25 years in the field of mental health logging more than 70,000 clinical...

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Do Classical Christian Schools Create Perfectionist Parents and Students?

We live in a world that celebrates mediocrity and egalitarianism, where no one can judge anyone, and anyone’s truth is as good as anyone else’s. A classical Christian school that proclaims Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, and expects excellence in all aspects of life, is at risk of attracting parents and students who fall prey to perfectionism and miss out on grace. My guests, Ambrose Upper School Dean Chris Browne and 15-year Admissions Director Susan Herrick, explore this tension and share steps to keep striving for excellence and grace in balance. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES VISIT THE BASECAMP LIVE...

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