Chrysostom Winner, Abdu Murray, and Senator Ben Sasse

“If personal preferences replace truth as the objective measure, what happens when personal preferences collide without the arbiter of absolute truth? The winner will be determined by who has the loudest microphone or the most guns.” -Abdu Murray

A mile marker day at Repairing the Ruins, we were pleased to open with an outstanding presentation by Chrysostom Oratory Prize winner Charity Kim of Veritas Academy in Fullerton, CA.

Her presentation was followed by plenaries from George Grant, an early adopter and school founder in the ACCS, Abdu Murray, a former Muslim turned Ravi Zacharias Ministries partner, and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. All talks will be available to member schools.

The day closed with an exceptional performance by the National Honor Choir, which you can view on our facebook page.