Agathos Classical School, a small classical school just outside of Nashville, took home the national mock trial title last week only four years after starting the program. An outstanding cumulation of hard work and incredible talent, Agathos’ victory is the highest of any ACCS school to date in the competition.

The team placed third in last year’s national competition; you can read more about that journey here.

Classical Influence

While Agathos’ victories have been the highest, ACCS schools historically perform well in the competition, with Logos School of ID placing 5th in 2012 and The Ambrose School of ID placing 6th in 2016. Several other schools have placed at state and qualified for nationals a number of times. It makes sense– mock trial requires several skills practiced in the classical classroom. According to Agathos coaches Jason Whatley and Cory Ricci, “It combines knowledge, logic, and rhetoric, the very framework of classical education.”  Maggie Church, a seasoned veteran and now coach of Logos School’s team agrees, “My education taught me how to learn, and that really is the most helpful when attacking a 90-page case in six weeks at the national level. You memorize the building blocks of law, rules of evidence, and the case materials. You analyze arguments and build them yourself. Then you have to present it all winsomely in a way that makes sense to a jury member.”

Champion Character

Beyond the outstanding courtroom skill exhibited by the Agathos team, even more impressive is the character and grit demonstrated to secure such a triumph. Coach Jason Watley told the Columbia Daily Herald, “It’s surreal. These kids are amazing. These are some of the hardest working kids I have heard of. It is easy to look good as a coach when you have a team like this to work with. Their endurance was tested. These are Godly young men and women who are humble and hardworking.”

Congratulations Agathos! 

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