Advent historically begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve.

Advent Sundays 2020

November 29 – First Sunday of Advent
December 6 ​- Second Sunday of Advent
December 13 – Third Sunday of Advent
December 20 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Honoring the season with an Advent wreath is one of the most meaningful traditions in our family. It’s also one of the simplest.

  1. Place a small wreath on the table with four colored candles evenly spaced within it. We use all green, red, or blue, but more traditional wreaths have specified, symbolic colors. Just insert small candle holders into the wreath, but make sure you’re not creating a fire hazard.
  2. Place a white candle in the center, turn off the lights, and you’re ready to go. If it’s completely dark, you might consider supplementing with a non-advent candle or two to provide extra light without ruining the atmosphere.
  3. Simply read the script. It will tell you exactly what to do.

We celebrate each Sunday in Advent, plus Christmas Eve. Right before dinner is a good time for our family, so we can enjoy the candlelight while we eat afterward. It only takes about 10 minutes, but the solemn, beautiful words will remain with our children throughout their lives.