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A Princess Without a King

By David Goodwin How Hollywood lost its way Have you noticed how the stories in our most popular story form—the movies—have paled in recent years? In 2019, the top 10 movies were: Avengers Endgame (sequel), The Lion King (remake), Frozen II (sequel), Toy Story 4...

“Sheltered” in a Good Way

By NOAH PAULS Noah Pauls graduated from high school in 2017. In February, 2021, he returned to his alma mater to deliver this special message in person to the current student body. It is much easier to navigate the world as a slave to sin. The reason is that as...

Turning Point: How One Student’s Senior Thesis Transformed Her Life and Thinking Forever

By Chris Potts   See Charity Kim's speech here.  |  Learn more about the ACCS Repairing the Ruins Conference here. |  Learn more about the Chrysostom Oratory Competition here. ARE YOU HAPPY? If you are, Charity Kim knows why. And she says you should count yourself...

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On the Same Team

On the Same Team

By Hannah K. Grieser All five of our kids have attended an ACCS school...

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Wired for Beauty

By MICHAEL CRAVEN Reprinted with permission from Breakpoint and the Colson Fellows Program. The...


All The World’s A Stage

By Thomas Garfield Brian wasn’t having any of it! As the rest of his first-grade class confidently...

Valentine’s Day

"Valentine’s Day is a wonderful tradition, but you have to admit that it does little to give us...

“Train well for this life, and train well for the life to come; train well for earth, and train well for heaven; train them for God, train them for Christ, and train them for eternity. Amen.”

— 1888, English Pastor J.C. Ryle, “The Duties of Parents”

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